Empower Yourself and Others at KU

Every individual at the University of Kansas has the power to enact change. Think of this as your gateway to transforming thoughts into action. Whether you're stepping forward with your first idea or you're a seasoned contributor, your insights are the fuel for our collective progress.

Why Submit Your Idea?

  • Your ideas can lead to meaningful improvements in how we learn, work, and grow as a university.
  • Don't just witness change; be an architect of it. Your suggestions could be the next big thing that shapes our future.
  • Submitting an idea is the beginning of a journey. Collaborate with peers, receive support, and watch your concept evolve.
  • Share this platform with your colleagues. Sometimes a nudge from a fellow Jayhawk is all it takes to spark brilliance.
  • Great ideas often come from collaboration. Team submissions are not just accepted; they're celebrated.

Ready to Empower Change?

At KU, every voice has power. Your ideas are a testament to your unique perspective and an invaluable contribution to our community. Let's work together to create a university that's not only about academic excellence but also about continuous, community-driven improvement!

Join the ranks of Jayhawks who are making a difference. It's simple, impactful, and your university needs you. Together, we can shape a KU that reflects our highest ideals. Empower yourself, empower others, and let's elevate KU to new heights.